Sunday, October 18, 2009

Love is rubbish

Where had my love gone to??
I think my life fixed to be single :(
I THOUGHT i've found my love, i was wrong...........
For me, Love without surprises is no love
Love is so boring without lamness and loving phrases
Love is nothing without action
Love is tiring without all those mentioned above :(
What kind of love am i having???
Love, whereby i kinda feel that im partially creating it
WTF am i talking about??
I feel that im the one who gives the most action
I wtfly super poke myself, ask --- to put our pic as display, can say i ask --- to do everything to show that we are together?????!!!
ASk --- to write bout me, gimme surprises gimme gimme gimme
im asking for everything as if im in a relationship with a dolly who dont know how to make its move :(
Feel so sad....... Tired of it..
/until one day........
Which was recently, i quit asking for everything i want, i know its useless. no more surprise. and yet ppl might feel kena force if i constantly ask for them
and u know wat? even if i ask for it, it'll never come!! How "great" i am~~
Other couple might not wan to hear lam lam things everytime, but im different mah
You tell me more lam stuff will shorten ur life issit'
Tired of my life, so aimless
This relationship suck to the.. infinity
I ASKED to be written, yea,, how great i am :(
Wat sort of answer did i receive, wait WAit WAIT, wait la
wait is a nice word
too bad i cannot wait any longer, the longer i wait, the more my heart hurts
I alone now,
when im sad, i'll just tell you :(
Life is sooooooooooooooo

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