Saturday, October 31, 2009

I hate you old bitch

You crazy bitch with inbalanced hormones
Just shout at people as if you're a queen
I hate you sooooooooooooo much
Life with you around is soooooooo imperfect
I rather live on my own!
Im waiting for the correct time to leave this hell
Crazy bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Love is rubbish

Where had my love gone to??
I think my life fixed to be single :(
I THOUGHT i've found my love, i was wrong...........
For me, Love without surprises is no love
Love is so boring without lamness and loving phrases
Love is nothing without action
Love is tiring without all those mentioned above :(
What kind of love am i having???
Love, whereby i kinda feel that im partially creating it
WTF am i talking about??
I feel that im the one who gives the most action
I wtfly super poke myself, ask --- to put our pic as display, can say i ask --- to do everything to show that we are together?????!!!
ASk --- to write bout me, gimme surprises gimme gimme gimme
im asking for everything as if im in a relationship with a dolly who dont know how to make its move :(
Feel so sad....... Tired of it..
/until one day........
Which was recently, i quit asking for everything i want, i know its useless. no more surprise. and yet ppl might feel kena force if i constantly ask for them
and u know wat? even if i ask for it, it'll never come!! How "great" i am~~
Other couple might not wan to hear lam lam things everytime, but im different mah
You tell me more lam stuff will shorten ur life issit'
Tired of my life, so aimless
This relationship suck to the.. infinity
I ASKED to be written, yea,, how great i am :(
Wat sort of answer did i receive, wait WAit WAIT, wait la
wait is a nice word
too bad i cannot wait any longer, the longer i wait, the more my heart hurts
I alone now,
when im sad, i'll just tell you :(
Life is sooooooooooooooo

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Such a boring week

I hate going to where i dont like to go, do things which i dont like to do
Life is so meaningless if u keep doing something u hate or dont like... Uugh
Boring life without any fun
Fun fun please come..

Yea.. going to have some fun now~
Game, wait for me!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Less moody

Today im not that unhappy bout my life :)
Uh.. maybe because after sleeping i kinda forget everything :o
Hope i can minimise my grounded days to a week *prays
Staying at home is sooooooooooo boring


Feel like being along...... all alone... without anybody in the world with me
I wanted to commit suicide before.. but i do not have the courage
Im a coward
I hate myself
I hate those beside me, why nobody know how to cheer me up why why why
Whats the use of u if u dont even know when im angry or sad
u cant even differenciate my feelings
My dream, i have no dream anymore
Who supports me in achieving my dream? nobody
We only quarrel more when it comes to disscussion
I hate u
I feel like leaving u
But who else will i have
At least, eventhough i dont feel the love from u,
But u are willing to accompany me everyday, kena paksa??
My studies, getting worst as time goes by
I think im going to fail so damn badly this coming exams
I seriously dont care
I hate it, how do u expect me to force myself to study when i dont have the mood
I shitly hate my life without freedom
If only i have more freedom.......................................................................................
My life wouldnt be so misarable
Just imagine, nearing 20, and yet everywhere u go u nid ur mummy to bring u
What the shit is hapepning to my life!!! Pls tell me~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I just wish i have more freedom...
Even if i can have all the things i want, but i still want freedom the most
How old am i?
Im so old ok.. Why cant i have my freedom? Why must you guys have such kolot thinking???????
My family.. Is filled with disaster
I hate the shoutings, the quarreling, i hate them talking bout the same topic over and over again
I cant stand that annoying conversation repeated over and over again..
IF i say I DONT WANT TO LISTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Im doomed
I badly need my freedom, and yet i get grounded cos im pissed with that fucking conversation
I just envy other people, they might not have as many things as me, but as least they are not like staying in jail!!!!!!!!!
Im no longer a baby.. PLS GIVE ME MY FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I dont even have a best friend.. Nobody treat me as their best friend, im alone
As for my boyfriend, i think he's so damn useless to me
Sayang me? WTF
Maybe because he's so damn much older than me, we have different way of thinking
He has all the freedom in the world, go out, play, go back late, nobody cares!!!!!! I mean, at least he wouldnt receive annoying phone calls from home asking when he's going home.
Im jealous that he has all the freedom in the world :(
I cant concentrate in anything i do, seriously..
I need to play, play, go out, breath in fresh air.. But now, the only freedom i have is Stare at the computer and do useless stuff
Whats my boyfriend to me? Got also as if dont have
What do i mean bout that??
HE, went out yesterday nite, no time to accompany me, then he say :"tomoro morning i wake up at 8 to play with u ok?"
Yea.. he woke up at 8, and do u know wtf he say?
Let me do my daily chores first..~~ <-- the daily chores im mentioning is not wash clothes or cook ok.. its something so .... to me its not important!!!!!!!!!
So i waited, waited... till 9.. finally... start to play a little game, then 10 he had to go for class
Class ends at 2, he's only back at around 330..
I hate it when we on skype, and he was like not concentrating when talking to me.. Whats the point for oning skype then??
Just now, he took a nap, kononnya, he will wake half an hour later, then go for dinner
He lied lo.. I woke him up 1 hr later...
Then he told me he want to go for dinner + bath
I waited for 1hour ++.. y haven finish dinner yet meh?? So long one..
Then i called him..
HE was SLEEPING..........
IM so annoyed.........
Who is there in my life who could cheer me up and take away all my sorrows
I thought i've found him, but, i think he's just adding on my stress
Im lazy to tell him anything anymore
Whats the point?
Does he understand?
Who understands me
I just have to keep it to myself